An open letter to my mom


For the past 24 year I’ve had the honor of being the daughter of, in my opinion is Wonder Woman. Mom you are my rock. I used to think I knew how much you loved me and my sister. I was wrong. I didn’t fully understand how deep the love of a mother was until I had kids of my own. I get it now. I get why you were strict and times. I understand the urge to protect your young with everything you have. I get why you got upset when I talked back. Mouse isn’t even three yet and I can already say I get it. I get why you would rather sit and cuddle in silence than go out. I feel like I never want to put my babies down.

I hope I am half the mom you are. I hope when my children look back they remember nothing but love and compassion. I hope one day when the day comes for my children to leave the nest I can be confident I raised them to be kind people.

Mom I love you. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my sister. Thank you for being the best Memaw my kids could ask for. Happy Mother’s Day.




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