Why I finally Quit my Job.

I’ve been working at a daycare for almost 11 years. Yeah that’s right 11 whole years. When I stared in 2008 I was an assistant teacher. I wasn’t allowed to be alone with kids until I was 18. Everyday I would come home from school, change clothes and go to work. Monday through Friday from 3pm until closing around 5:30 or 6pm. Once I turned 18 I was able to be alone until I graduated I worked every afternoon. I didn’t go home or to a friend’s house I worked my entire highschool career I worked afternoons. When I finally graduated I was given a classroom all my own. And I loved it. I created lesson plans. I decorated the class. I formed bonds with kids. Each year I would get a new set of kids, and each year I would love those kids as much as possible. My philosophy was: they’re here 12 a day. They get home from school and it’s dinner, bath, bed. Then off to school the next day. If I went all day without showing love, that child might not ever be shown affection. 11 years.

Here’s why I quit.


I have 2 kids, my oldest is about to start Pre-K. It’s been my goal to homeschool, and be a full time mom. My kids are priority #1.


Or lack of. I started out at minimum wage $7.25 an hour. That’s great for highschool after school job, not much if you need to survive. In my 11 years I’ve only increased my pay to whopping $8 an hour. Imagine working your butt off for 11 years to only make $8 an hour.

Cliquish Environment

Work place gossip happens everywhere. However when everyone is talking about every one, it can get toxic. Especially if it’s encouraged by upper management.

Here’s a tip: if your boss is trying to get you to talk bad about someone, that person is probably also talking bad about you to them.


Did I mention 11 years. I created lesson plans, scored high on observations and always went above and beyond. I was never told good job. I was never offered a proper raise. I have however lost count over how many times I did something that wasn’t perfect. Like when the broom misses a grain of rice. Or when my kids left a tiny crayon mark on the table. It seemed like no matter what I did, it wasn’t good enough.


If you’ve read everything above, you’d understand why I came home everyday crying.

I stayed for so long.

You might be wondering why I stayed so long. It’s because we truly thought we needed my income to support or family. Turn out if you budget right you can discover how much you’re truly wasting.

It finally hit me one day to do a budget and I realized, me working isn’t going to affect finances. I could stay home with my children and be a full time mom. So I finally quit.

If you are looking for a good budgeting program I highly suggest Dave Ramsey’s financial Peace University.


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