2019 Spring cleaning challenge

It’s March, which means here comes the trail of cleaning hacks and schedules. I’ve searched for those post, I’ve tried it out. Just between us, it didn’t work. with 2 kids one being a toddler and the other just 2 months, finding the time to tidy and clean can be hard. I’m not saying we should give up on daily chores. Washing the dishes, and having a regular laundry routine is important. Trust me you do not want to have 3 weeks of laundry backed up.

I’ve developed a 12 week spring cleaning challenge. Each week we will tidy a different area of the house.  These challenges should take no more than 30 minutes.  How simple is that? Just adding on 30 minutes of cleaning for one week! Not an extra 30 minute a day. I understand that its challenging to balance work, kids, and managing the house. So, as moms, or anyone who want to tidy, join me in the next 12 weeks for my spring cleaning challenge.

My inspiration for the challenge is this wonderful book by Jane Alais called Get Organized, Get Happy.



“How to drop your clutter
baggage and feel the amazing
relief of a fresher, spacious,
organized home in
7 days or less”

Get your copy here.


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