Simple Infant and Toddler schedule for a stay at home mom

If you’re anything me, you suck at time management. I use to look at successful mommy vloggers/ bloggers and think how the heck do they have time to do all that? Thier houses are always clean, and not just a little clean, like lick the floor clean. Kids are dressed and we’ll behaved. It’s like unbelievable how perfect these families are. I use to follow routines and cleaning schedules but I could never find enough time in the day. One day I did the most insane thing I’ve ever done as a mom. I gave up on trying to stick to the schedule. I sat back and just observed. The day was a breeze. I decided to let my kids create their own routine and my life has been so much easier.

Fox, since he is only 2 months his routine changes every couple of days depending on how many naps he wants. We usually start the day around 5:30, he gets a bottle and his diaper changed and he usually goes right back to sleep. I take this time to do my first pump. I am exclusively pumping.

If you want a schedule on how often I pump to keep up supply follow and comment on this post with your favorite emoji.

Daily schedule

Our schedule does change depending on if we have a special event planned, or if the kids decide to wake up earlier or later. I do not wake them up in the mornings but they do stick to this schedule on most days.

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