A to Z gender neutral names and thier meaning

I am obsessed with baby names, I’m always thinking of a new one. My favorites have always been gender neutral names. Here are my favorites from A-Z.

Alex: defender of people

Banks: edge of river

Carter: driver of a cart

Devin: defendant of the dark haired one

Ellis: the Lord is my God

Freddie: peace ruler

Geo: farmer

Harlan: dweller of the boundary


Ireland: homage to Ireland

James: supplanted

Kindle: set fire

Lafayette: from the land of the beech tree

Marley: from the boundary fields

Nat: shortened version of Nathan / Nathaniel or Natalie.

Orleans: golden

Parker: park keeper

Quinn: descendant of Conn

Raven: black bird

Sam: shorten version of Samantha or Samuel

Tanner: leather worker

Urban: from the city

Valentine: strength/ health

Waverly: from the brushwood field

Xio: ready for battle

Yale: from the fertile upland

Zayn: beautiful


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