10 free things to do this Valentine’s day

If you\”‘re anything like me, money is tight. With Valentine’s Day coming up I came up with 10 things you and your partner can do that are Free!

Dinner under the stars

Have a great dinner outside under the stars. Take a break from paper plates and break out those real plates. Light a candle and enjoy each other’s company company.

Cook a meal together

You’re going to want to eat. Cooking at home save so much money. Why not make a date of it and cook a vegan meal together.

Netflix and chill

Get in some PJs, grab some vegan snacks and turn on Netflix, or your favorite streaming site


Game Night

Play a board game, card game or party game. Make it more fun by inviting over some friends

Be a tourist in your own city

Tour your city, grab a tourist brochure and follow a map. Make sure you take pictures with all the local landmarks.

Go to a farmers market

Go to a local farmers market and pick out some fruits and vegetables. This isn’t actually free if you decide to buy.

Backyard camping

Set up a tent, or lay under the stars. Turn off cell phones and unplug to spend some quality time together.


Why pay hundreds of dollars for a couples massage when you can do a fun D.I. Y one at home. This could lead to a bonus ūüėČ

Save some water

Take a shower together.

Play some bedroom baseball

Try to to hit all the bases


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