8 Reason why you should stop eating meat

There’re many reasons to be vegan, and people choose to be vegan for different reasons. I choose to be vegan for three reasons: health, animal rights, and the environment. Notice one of the reasons I did not say was I disliked the taste of meat. Vegans usually don’t stop eating meat because they didn’t like the taste of meat, eggs and cheese.


1. Heart health

Meat, red meat in particular, contains high levels of cholesterol which can cause coronary heart disease. Basically meat can make it hard for your heart to work.

2. Bone health

I know, I know most of us have been brain washed in to thinking we need cow milk for “calcium” but cows milk is the worse thing you can do for your bones. According to PCRM animal protein removes calcium from the bones. Animal protein are high in sulfur- containing amino acids. The sulfur is converted into sulfate which causes the blood to become acidic. The acid in the blood then breaks down the bones.

3. Fertility Health

women we who replaced meat protein with plant protein reduces the risk of infertility.

Animal rights

4. Inhumane

The meat that comes from the grocery story comes from factory farms. The animals in these farms are held together on very tight spaces. These animals will never be able to build nest, or root around in soil. The farmers strive to maximize output while minimizing cost. Basically they want to produce the most meat with the least amount of money. That means cutting cost. It could be on factory location by getting the smallest possible to cut down on bills, or not keeping up inspections, maybe it’s spending money on animals. Animals, don’t like being crammed. Chickens in particular get agitated in when confined. The chickens panic and start pecking each other. To prevent this farmers cut the chickens beaks off.

5. Milk is for babies

As an infant you probably drank breast milk. As a functioning adult you probably know that mom’s only produce milk to feed their babies. The also stop producing once the baby doesn’t need Mama’s milk. It’s the same for mammals. Cows have to get pregnant and give birth in order to make milk. Now like human babies, calves need mother’s milk. Here’s the thing if the calves drank the mom’s milk, they’d drink it all up leaving no more for the humans. This means ripping the calf from its mom as soon as it’s born. These calves are either killed for veal if they are male or raised to be dairy cows if they are female. These cows don’t get pregnant naturally, they’re forcefully artificially inseminated. If they were human we’d say they were raped. The process is repeated over and over until the cow can no longer stand up. Imagine the psychological trauma of living life where you are forced to get pregnant over and over for your whole life only for your baby to be ripped away from you as soon as you give birth. Check out this article for more info.

The Environment

6. Mass extinction

Avoiding meat and dairy is the #1 thing we can do to save our planet. Without the need of dairy and meat factory farms, 75% of global farmland would be reduced. That’s the size of China, the US, Australia, and the European Union combined. The lost of wild land is the leading cause of mass extinction

7. Water waste

It takes more than 2,400 gallons (ca. 9 m³) of water to make 1 pound (0.45 kg) of meat, it only takes 25 gallons (ca. 95 l) of water to make a pound of wheat. You could save more water by not eating a pound of meat than you could by not showering for 6 months. For a long term giving up meat and dairy for an entire year would save the same amount of water as not showering for 75 years. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather people keep showering.

Vegan food is yummy

Vegan food is delicious, there is a plethora of recipesecipes and ideas on Pinterest


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