Our first vegan date!

Yes you read that, it’s our first date being Vegan. We started the evening by dropping mouse and fox and my parents. Check out what’s in my kids bags to see what they are brought. We then headed to a vegan restaurant called max well located on magazine street in New Orleans. For starters, we grazed on the DIP PLATE. The plate included a colorful array of raw veggies, seed crackers, pickled veggies, and veggie chips along with plenty of beer root hummus, charred avocado dip, and roasted red pepper dip.

For our mains the hubs choose the Nola bowl (red beans, seasoned brown rice, toasted Pecan sweet potato, jalapeno millet muffin, cajan Cole slaw, and spinach topped with a plum vinaigrette.)

I chose the savory sweet potato lasagna. Which was stuffed with lentils, walnuts, mushrooms, marinara, cashew cheese, spinach and basil.

After dinner, we went to the main event: Panic! At the Disco. (I’m a cool mom) the show was everything I could have expected from the best band in the world and then more. If you ever have the opportunity to see them live take it. We finished the night by going to Walmart and stocking up on some delicious vegan foods, then headed home for some much-needed sleep. All together our first vegan date was pretty good. I can’t wait to try even more vegan restaurants, and recipes.


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