What’s in my kids’ overnight bags?

Tonight me and the hubby are going on a date. ( Whoo hoo) it’s the first after our youngest ( who we will call Fox). Both him and his big sister ( who we will call Mouse) will be staying at my mom’s. ( Not sure if I’m more excited about the full night’s sleep or the date) I thought as I was packing bags it was the perfect opportunity to share what I pack in my kids diaper/ overnight bags.

For mouse who’s 2 1/2 packing for grandparents is a breeze. She only needs clothes. Here is what she is bringing.

  1. Pajamas. She’s in to this snoopy one at the moment this one is one of my favorites:
  2. Two (2) changes of clothes. She is fully potty trained but I like to have extra clothes just in case.
  3. Undies. I usually pack 3-4 for safe measure
  4. Her bag is a toddler bag I picked up from Amazon.

Fox needs a little bit more, since he’s 6 weeks old. For him he has his regular diaper bag but with a few more things added.

  1. Diapers/ wipes since it’s over night I did pack a 1/2 pack of honest co.
  2. Burp cloths
  3. Blanket
  4. Bottles (not pictured)
  5. PJs
  6. Clothes

I don’t pack snacks unless we’re going to be out for the day. We also don’t waste space in our bags with toys, both sets of grandparents have toys that are kept at their houses. Not everyone is the same so what works for us might not work for you, but I hope this helped someone.


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